IMC industrial Group - The IMC Way

The IMC Way

The name “IMC Group” evolved from the abbreviations of the early International Medicine Company (Hong Kong, 1955) and the International Maritime Carriers Ltd. (Hong Kong, 1966), which were the two main businesses of the Tsao family at that time. These businesses gradually expanded and diversified into the IMC Group of today. In recent times, the Group was restructured into the IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group, with business interests spanning Marine, Investments, Lifestyle/Real Estates and Living Management.

The Group’s diamond-shaped logo has been associated with the Group since the early days of International Maritime Carriers Ltd., where it was used as a nautical flag logo. The four points of the diamond represent the four basic human needs — food, shelter, clothing and transportation.

Asia is currently undergoing a tremendous process of economic growth and industrialization. This process will require enormous resources. Raw materials for energy will have to be sourced, transportation systems expanded, plant and equipment manufactured and industrial and consumer goods distributed. And as the population becomes more affluent, demand for better quality living will also increase. The IMC Group hopes to be able to participate in and contribute to all these needs by providing solutions in its core shipping and supply chain business as well as with its more recently diversified activities of investments and property.

As Asia grows economically, it risks losing its traditional values that bind its society together. Ultimately, progress and development are measured by stability and sustainability. The Group recognizes that business have an important role to play in aligning individual business interests with the broader concerns of society.

The Group believes that the following principles provide a useful guide to building such a sustainable community:

  • Learning to Understand
  • Truthfulness as Foundation
  • Holistic Interdependence
  • Proactive Adjustment
  • Dynamic Balance
  • Harmony Creation
  • Self Liberation

Collectively they can be considered the “IMC Way”

These principles are then incorporated into the Group’s core values which are:

IMC Industrial Group Collaboration Principle
IMC Industrial Group Add Value Principle
Add Value
IMC Industrial Group Mindfulness Principle
IMC Industrial Group Stewardship Principle
IMC Industrial Group Strategic-Mindset Principle
Strategic Mindset

An integral part of the Group’s business is an emphasis on community, health, environment, safety and security (CHESS).
The Group has also established East West Cultural Development Centre to act as a catalyst, bridge and promoter of human relationships in the wider community beyond the company.

“To serve human well-being and create wealth at the same time.”

Thus while continuing to adhere to its traditional principles of commitment to people, providing client value and prudent financing, the Group is developing into a living organization with a social sense, active in contributing to the long term benefit of the community at large.