Appointment of IMC Industrial Group Senior Management

03 / 05 / 2016

We are pleased to announce Yuelin Yang’s appointment as Deputy Group Managing Director, IMC Industrial Group with effect from 3 May 2016. In this role, Yuelin will focus on transitioning in new senior management, manage Industrial corporate and business relationships, and support Ryan Chan in taking on business/organization projects. Yuelin will also have added accountabilities for multi-family office, FBN program committee and IMC Group’s investments.

We are also pleased to announce the appointment of Eugene Cheng as Chief Corporate Officer, IMC Industrial Group (IMCIG).  Eugene is responsible for Industrial Group’s business planning, controllership, financial management, process management, investments in non-marine assets as well as the strategic investment and portfolio management of marine assets, new-buildings design and supervision, Group Legal, Corporate Secretarial, insurance of our marine assets as well as CHESS.

Contributed by IMC Group, People & Organization