Aurora Tankers Takes Delivery of the Second Vessel Of A Series of Eight IMO Type II Mr Chemical Tanker – Maritime Tranquility

Singapore, 30 September 2020 – Aurora Tankers, a wholly owned subsidiary of IMC Industrial Group (IMC), takes delivery of the second of its eight newbuildings – Maritime Tranquility today. The remaining six newbuildings are scheduled to be delivered throughout 2021.

Maritime Tranquility is the third generation of IMO Type II MR Chemical Tanker designed and managed by IMC’s in-house technical team. The design has been developed by Aurora Tankers, with its over 20 years of experience in trading IMO Type II cargo. 

The series will be operated in the Aurora Tankers Pool, bringing the total MR fleet to 22 vessels.

Mr Frederik Guttormsen, Senior Director, Shipping, IMC Industrial Group (IMCIG) commented: “We are happy to see that our first newbuilding in this series – Maritime Comity, is operationally performing very well and we have been receiving positive feedback from our customers since it was launched last month.  We look forward to continuously exceed our customer needs with Maritime Tranquility.”

He added: “On behalf of IMC Industrial Group, I want to thank all the team members from Guangzhou Shipyard and CSSC Shipping, as well as all our IMC colleagues for your hard work.  We look forward to the launch of the remaining six newbuildings.”

Maritime Tranquility is currently the largest zinc coated MR equipped with exhaust gas cleaning system in the market.  It is fitted with nitrogen inert gas system to ensure longer life of coating and reduced cleaning costs.  It is also installed with shore-based online ship performance monitoring system with artificial intelligence, to enhance ship operation and management quality.

The eco and modern design of Maritime Tranquility allows for large cubic to maximize cargo loads with low specific gravity. The vessel is also with fitted scrubber and with a shallow draft design allowing for maximum flexibility for trading and operations.