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WHY JOIN IMC Industrial Group?

IMC is committed to creating a positive experience and enriching career journey for every employee by supporting a culture that builds, engages, embraces diversity, and largely driven by our Mission and Core Values:

enriching careers

Enriching Careers
You will be exposed to our diverse Maritime Business Units in the areas of Dry Transport Logistics, Chemical Transport Logistics, Asset Management, Marine and Offshore Engineering, Consumer Logistics, through coaching and mentoring by Senior Management Executives, groomed to assume Leadership roles.

collaborative environment

Collaborative Environment
We advocate employees’ work-life balance and aim to attract a diversity of the best, committed, responsible and respectful people to work with, in a harmonious environment.

constant development

To develop employees to their fullest potential and long-term professional growth, we create conducive environment and abundant opportunities for them to have a good understanding and appreciation of the Businesses though self-directed learning, community sharing as well as professional trainings.

Recent Graduates and Students

Our university hire positions are for those who have recently graduated or will be graduating from a university in less than a year, and looking to embark on their career.

Our internship positions are great for current students who are a year or two away from graduation.

Regional programs and opportunities are available in a variety of fields including shipping, chartering, parceling, human resources, finance, supply chain management, information technology, and more.